Find out more about how using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc) are laying the groundwork for a better and faster deposits and payouts!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will not have escaped the headline buzz that has surrounded Bitcoin and its counterparts of late. While investors hypothesize over the offline merits of digital currencies, there is one industry enjoying considerable benefits from the rise in digital currencies: online casinos.

Much has changed since the early days of online casino playing in the 90s. Games are bigger, better, and faster. Promotions and bonuses abound as casinos vie for the attention of players with increasingly attractive welcome packages. The options seem endless. Yet players still encounter the same stubborn obstacles that have been around for decades; banking fees, transaction delays, and legal restrictions all detract from the fun.

Funding your online casino accounts with cryptocurrencies eradicates these issues, and crypto-gaming is fast paving the way for easier wins.


The following digital currencies are become increasingly accepted at many reliable online casinos:


Bitcoin Cash





Reduced Fees

Anonymous & Safe

Faster Transactions


  • Cost Effective: When using cryptocurrencies the cost of online transactions are greatly reduced as there is no middle man, i.e. bank or credit card processor, charging fees.
  • More Secure: You are not required to provide any personal data for transactions, so your identity is 100% protected no matter where in the world you are playing. Every transaction is transparent and can be checked, yet remains anonymous.
  • Speedy: Thousands of crypto-transactions can be processed simultaneously, so the delays in processing are curtailed and most importantly there is no long wait before receiving your wins!

Bitcoin casinos have been around since as early as 2013, and
more & more each year are jumping aboard the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Watch this space, next year this number looks set to expand further as forward-thinking casinos embrace the concepts of better gaming for the benefit of players worldwide.

What does this mean for Slotland players? 

- Deposits are instant. 
- Withdrawals are processed the very next working day.
- Exclusive, higher bonuses

You can deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin NOW, and very soon even more cryptocurrency options will be introduced.