For most successful winners gameplay follows the same pattern: wins start to increase, a player’s cash balance therefore also increases, and this allows them to increase their betting amount. Higher bets mean higher wins. If they are lucky, this promotes a healthy streak of luck that carries them through to bigger wins and a high cash balance that will ultimately lead to a payout. Sometimes, however, people decide to do things a little differently.

Steve R has been playing at Slotland for a few years, and his tactics differ somewhat from the norm. Recently he turned a $200 deposit into a withdrawal of $3,000 after playing Olympus and Neon Reels on his mobile over the space of a couple of hours. His game choices were not the aspect of gameplay that was atypical: Olympus is a relatively new Slotland game that has fast become popular, and Neon Reels has long been one of the favorite slots on offer. What was atypical however was the pattern of his bets in correlation to his rising cash balance.

Steve turned a $200 deposit into a withdrawal of $3,000

Steve started at 1pm, logging onto Slotland on his phone. He made his deposit of $200 and used a newsletter bonus code for an 80% match on his deposit. This immediately brought his balance to $360 – a healthy starting point, after which Steve started out playing Olympus.

Heavenly Olympus

Olympus slot machine from Slotland

This popular slot game has 5 different betting options: 80 coins, 120 coins, 240 coins, 480 coins, and 800 coins. Each coin has a value of $0.01, so the minimum bet is $0.80 per spin and the maximum is $8. Steve played Olympus for twenty minutes in total and in this time alternated his betting amount between each of the available options, never sticking to the same amount for more than a couple of spins. Although at the start this seemed completely randomized, a pattern emerged as he continued to play. Each time he made a win he would decrease his betting amount significantly.

For example, at 1.53pm he made a high win of $552. Steve had bet $8 on one spin that generated three Bonus symbols and won him five Free Spins:

Spin 1 = $440 win
Spin 2 = $48 win
Spin 3 = $0 win
Spin 4 = $24 win
Spin 5 = $40 win
Total = $552

This welcome boost to his cash balance gave him the means to bet maximum for a while. He did not do that. Instead he brought his betting amount back down to the minimum of 80 coins for the next spin, and returned to alternating between betting options.

Only minutes later, when betting high, he won $80 on a Lightening Bonus but again dropped his bets down to the minimum on the next spin. He steadily increased this after a few more spins and soon won another $100. This time after his win he decided to take a break and logged out of Slotland having made a nice profit of $310.83.

Cash balance when starting Oympus = $360
Cash balance when finishing Olympus = $670.83
Time spent playing game = 18 minutes

Steve logged back in an hour later and changed his game to a different game.

Taking it higher with Neon Reels

Neon Reels video slot by Slotland

Like Olympus, Neon Reels has 5 different betting options: 20 coins, 100 coins, 200 coins, 1000 coins, and 2000 coins. You will notice that Neon Reels has more of a range than Olympus, with the lowest bets at $0.20 and the highest at $20, so this game change allowed him a much broader fluctuation between bets.

At first on Neon Reels he did not make any wins, although he still remained faithful to his strategy of alternating his betting amount. Almost ten minutes in however, while betting $20, Steve struck upon the random Wild Reels bonus feature. Triggered randomly, this covers the second and fourth reels with Wild symbols which will substitute for any other symbol on a payline except for a scatter symbol. This occurrence marked a big win, striking successfully across 10 of the 20 active paylines and bringing in $1,669.50 in total – almost tripling his cash balance at the time.

in a 2 hour timeframe, after 397 spins, he made his $3,000 withdrawal

As we have grown to expect from Steve’s atypical gaming pattern, despite this huge increase in funds he immediately decreased his betting amount to the lowest possible: $0.20. His betting amount kept fluctuating and soon another Wild Reels bonus triggered another large win: $615 across 8 out of the 20 paylines. Of course he then changed his bet down to $0.20 for a few spins.

This tactic preserved his cash balance perfectly: without betting high on every spin he did not waste funds. Many times Steve’s wins were actually made immediately after switching up his bets to a higher amount:

2.29pm: $165.50 win across 5 different paylines, betting $20

immediately back down to $0.20 for a few spins

2.33pm: $142 win across 6 paylines, betting $20

immediately back down to $0.20 for 3 spins

2.34pm: $840 win, Wild Reels Bonus which created wins across 6 different paylines, betting $20

immediately back down to $0.20 for 3 spins

2.39pm: $258.50 win across 5 paylines, betting $20

Steve’s cash balance was now at $2,726.30 and this winning streak was showing no signs of slowing. He soon lucked on 5 bonus rounds, which increased his funds at no extra cost:

Spin 1 = $60 win
Spin 2 = $10 win
Spin 3 = $32 win
Spin 4 = $82 win
Spin 5 = $0 win
Total = $184

In keeping with his unfaltering strategy, Steve lowered his bet straight after to $0.20 for a few more spins before raising it again to $20 and immediately winning $264 across 7 paylines!

Most players would want to keep a successful streak going, at least waiting until their cash balance starts to dwindle before calling it a day. Steve instead quit while he was ahead.

So in a 2 hour timeframe, after 397 spins, he made his $3,000 withdrawal.

Steve’s strategy may seem to counter logic but this winning streak proves that sometimes adopting unusual tactics will pay off, quite literally!