Linnea may be a relative newcomer to the slots, but she is no stranger to online gaming. For nearly five years she has been a prolific Twitch user going by an id Linneafly, streaming her gameplay daily from her home country in Norway to hundreds of viewers worldwide.

In case you are not familiar with Twitch, it is a famous platform for gamers to showcase videos of their game play and show their actions live as well. There are over two million streamers broadcasting to nearly ten million visitors who can learn from them and interact with their gaming.

Although she most typically plays MMOs, online multiplayer games, and is a big Xbox fan, she started playing slot games recently and loves them. She became a Slotland member in June of this year and it did not take long for her to start banking in some high wins.

I really enjoy the thrill of it and the opportunity to win big on the slots.

Day 1

Linnea thinks new players should try out many different games when they first start out playing. On her first day she tried out sixteen different Slotland games! Spending a few minutes of spins on each one, trying out a good variety let her experiments and find out which were her favorites. Although she advises newcomers to the slots to bet low at the beginning, she also admits that the thrill comes from being more bold.

It’s smart to bet low at the beginning but in my experience being risky and betting high is super fun!

Day 2

On her second visit she lengthened the time she spent on each game considerably. She returned to Ninja Power for a while, with some small wins, and then switched to Gods of Egypt. Linnea started her bets at $3.10 however soon nudged it up to $7.15 and her tendency to be more risky paid off with a $250 win only a few spins later. Six spins later she banked another significant win of $150.

Gypsy Charm slot game at Slotland

The majority of Linnea’s gameplay follows a relatively similar pattern. For some time she won’t make any wins, even small ones, but then will win $100+ in one click. Slowly her cash balance builds. And these bigger wins slowly start to build as well. After this spell playing Gods of Egypt she changed games to Gypsy Charm and lowered her bets to $5. A few spins later she activated the Pick Me Bonus game and overturned a 2X multiplier and $220 cash value = a $440 win!

One of my favorite games is Gypsy Charm, it’s the best for paying really good even on low bets so is a good choice for beginners.

Day 3

On her next visit to Slotland Linnea started out betting small, at $3 per spin on Piggy Bank, yet still won $200 after no time at all with five gold coin symbols across one payline. It was time to raise the stakes. Linnea switched to Alice in Wonderland and raised her bet to $15.

Alice in Wonderland slot machine at Slotland

Alice in Wonderland slot machine at Slotland

A big win of $160 came after only seven spins, winning across four paylines with the roses symbol. After only a few minutes the Queen of Hearts’ appearance across a payline gave her a $300 win. After only ten minutes in the world of Alice, Linnea had brought her cash balance to over $1,000.

Alice in Wonderland is my number one, mostly because of the interactive and fun bonus game. It is a high bet slot but gives a big win!

Her biggest wins however were yet to come. At 10.37pm she switched to Gods of Egypt, another game rich in bonus features, and set her bets at $15.50 per spin. After only six spins five of the Anubis scatter symbols appeared across the reels, triggering the exclusive bonus game. Her first pick revealed a cash bonus of $165, the second $457, the third $860, equaling a grand total of $1,482!

Gods of Egypt slot at Slotland

Gods of Egypt slot at Slotland

Her luck did not run out there. Only four minutes later five Anubis scatter symbols appeared again. This time the total of her picks equaled $1,473 and her cash balance reached well over $5,000.

In only three visits Linnea’s eagerness to increase her bets amassed some very high wins, and striking lucky with high paying bonus games certainly helped as well.

My last big win is actually paying for me and my mom’s trip to Crete this summer!

In a nutshell...

After only three visits to Slotland, Linnea is a slot game convert. And no wonder, by raising her betting amounts and choosing games with interactive bonus features, she has had great success...

Her eager Twitch viewers will not have to wait too long until she is back again though, because Linnea has already set her sights on a new Playstation with more Slotland earnings once she is back. Watch this space!