Looking for a little extra insight into how one win can lead to another, which leads to another? Luck may be the ruling factor in this, but there are other components too. Taking a closer look at how some players hit on their lucky streak provides a greater understanding of how any slot gamer can play their cards (or their slots!) just right to pave a smoother path to a succession of high wins.

This was certainly the case for Leah one day earlier this year. Leah has long been a loyal Slotland and sister site Winaday member. She registered with Slotland way back in 2002, and has since kept up a fairly consistent afternoon routine of logging onto her computer after lunch for a few hours to play the slots for entertainment. Slotland has been her main choice of casino for years, because the games are entertaining but also because of its reputation for reliability and fair game play. The chance of scoring a win is of course always the end goal, and there have been some high winning streaks for Leah in her years of playing.

‘It’s the only place I trust to be fair and fun at the same time!’ Leah L.

This session on the slots turned into a succession of fortunate wins, and she returned to the site several times for a very worthwhile stretch of game play, making her a lot more money than she had hoped for that day. In the following hours of play her wins totaled over $6,000, surpassing many of her past winning streaks in the last year—proving that it pays to be patient! There were 12 separate spins throughout her gaming session that day that each won her an amount of over $200.

So how did she do it? Luck did play a large part, but luck doesn’t come without a little perseverance and tactics. Leah’s strategic betting also helped her secure her biggest win ever in this game: hitting on Ninja Power’s local Dragon Jackpot which was sitting at over $3,000. This marks her biggest single win in the last month of play.

Timeline of Wins $200+

Time (17th Jan) Game Total Win
12.10pm Aces and Eights $200
12.11pm Aces and Eights $200
4pm Ninja Power $400
4.09pm Ninja Power $247
4.09pm Ninja Power $3449.80
4.25pm Alice in Wonderland $350
5.59pm Alice in Wonderland $200
7.46 Ice Queen $312
8.41 Ninja Power $404
9.25 Ninja Power $230


Card games are Leah’s favorite to start out with, for their ease of play and reliable return for monies. Although later in the day the more imaginative slots worked in her favour, Slotland’s video poker games sparked off her lucky streak this day. She won $200 on Aces and Eights twice in a row early on in her playing time.

Aces and Eights is a popular video poker slot game, with a higher payoff for 4 of a kind – especially, as the name suggests, Ace cards and Eight cards. It ALSO comes with the option to double your win in the Double Up Round.

This boost to her cash balance gave her the impetus and courage to continue on, and of course a boost to her funds! She then went on to play Ice Queen and MegaSpins for a while, before heading over to Ninja Power where she scored her big win.

The Big Win

Ninja Power is a relatively new Slotland original game. It has quickly become a popular one among members, brimming with bonus features to help boost the player’s chances of scoring high. And score high Leah did.

Ninja Power was launched at Slotland in December, 2016, and has built up a following among members already. It comes with a Free Spins bonus, local Dragon Jackpot, and  Sticky Wild Cards – all of which contributed to Leah’s big win of $3449.80. If you’re looking for bigger wins, try out her strategies by playing Ninja Power and other games with local jackpots.

The game’s progressive jackpot starts at a minimum of $500 and accumulates as the game is played, until won by a lucky player. The jackpot is won by betting max and hitting 5 Wild Symbols, which is exactly how Leah’s play came to pass.  She started out betting $8, at bet level 20 with 800 coins, when she hit on 3 Scatters and triggered Free Spins bonus rounds. The Wild symbols become sticky and accumulated throughout the bonus rounds until her 8th Free Spin where she scored the Dragon Jackpot. This hit alone brought her cash balance to nearly $5,000.

Build Up to the Win

What is interesting as well was the build up to this big win. Only one spin before, she had scored a winning combination across 12 paylines, winning $247. This round of 10 Free Spins was also not her first, and ten minutes before this apex of a win she had hit on 5 ninja symbols, giving her the first set of 10 free spins, during which she accumulated a further ten.

So what can players learn from this? Sometimes when players feel like their luck is running out they can get disheartened by gaming. Playing up to the bonus features however boosts chances of making a win and breaks the pattern of repetitive play.

e.g. In Ninja Power you strike on the jackpot when you hit on Wilds while betting Max. After her first round of Free Spins Leah increased her betting made to make sure that she was betting max to be in with a chance of securing her Jackpot.

Keep Playing?

Despite this being a very lucrative streak, another one of Leah’s smart moves was not quitting as soon as she hit a high win. This boost to her cash balance gave her the sustenance and freedom to play around a little and see what her chances looked like in some of the other games. After only a few more Ninja Power spins she went to another one of Slotland’s newest games, Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland was introduced to Slotland this January, 2017. It has long been one of the most popular games on Slotland’s sister site, Winaday, and players enjoy the beautiful graphics that bring the famous tale alive in slot form – with bonus features to match the eccentric characters.

Fifteen minutes after her Ninja Power success, Leah scored a winning combination at Alice in Wonderland across 5 different paylines, with the Rose symbol. She was betting $14.40 per spin, at bet level 1 and banked $350 with this lucky strike after only ten minutes of gameplay on this slot.

This continued with another big win on Alice in Wonderland, only an hour later, amounting to $200. This win was spread across only two different paylines, but it was with the Cheshire Cat symbol, the second most valuable symbol on the payoff chart for this game.

After another longer break, she revisited Ice Queen. This wintry slot gave her the chance to boost her balance again, with another win of $312. This game has been the most successful for her in the past and only a few months ago a lucky spin won her over $800. It was time for Leah to see if it had anything to contribute to her now bulging cash balance.

Ice Queen is a longstanding Slotland slot game, with wintry symbols that spin on the backdrop of an icy castle. Inspired by the Snow Queen tale, if the two main characters appear on the reels at the same time then a bonus round begins where 6 spells can be cast to win cash prizes and maybe unlock treasure.

Unlocking the bonus game gave Leah the extra boost she needed, nudging up her cash balance with multipliers and winning $192 worth of treasure, bringing her total win on the final bonus spin to $312 when she was betting only $5.25 per spin.

I  would like to win more often (who wouldn’t?). But other than that
I am very happy!

To stay or to go?

Leah had by now been playing on and off for a few hours, and usually her time spent at Slotland would have been curtailed much earlier in the day. The consistently high wins however gave her an understandable reluctance to call it a day – plus her luck had pushed her cash balance up to impressive heights. Any extra playing time now didn’t require extra deposits, so she went back to Ninja Power for some last play, now a new favorite in her gaming repertoire.

Was this the right decision? Decide for yourself: a spin at 8.41 gave her $404, and again at 9.25pm a win of $230!

After a few hours of on-off playing and a succession of wins, she called it a day. This was to be one of her luckiest streaks at Slotland, with a jackpot win and some high winnings allowing her to withdraw $4,000.

Leah’s Favorite Games

Aces and Eights – Double Up bonus round

Alice in Wonderland – Storytale theme with imaginative bonuses to match

GrandFortune – Free Spins and Increasing Multipliers

Ice Queen – Bonus game with cash prizes

MegaSpin – 3 reel classic slot game

Ninja Power – Local Jackpot, Free Spins Bonus Game, Sticky Wilds

Tens or Better – Classic single hand poker

Treasure Island – Pirate themed adventure slot with hidden treasures

VegasVibes – Free Spins & Multipliers in Vegas style

For Leah, a strategy that paid off throughout this lucky streak was in not sticking for too long with the same game. It’s a piece of advice everyone can easily apply to their gaming sessions, not to stay too long on one slot but to change it up and try different games. Leah took long breaks and each time she came back to Slotland she switched it up, playing on a different slot and altering her betting amounts.

Put these plays into practice at Slotland yourself, check out the bonus features in each game and see if you are able to replicate this lucky streak!