Eileen D is one of Slotland’s most prolific members. She has been a member for over ten years and in this time has sustained a steady success rate of wins that verify her playing skills. Recently Double Bonus Poker has been her game of choice, and by remaining loyal to her strategy she has increased her withdrawals significantly.

Earlier this year her gameplay on Double Bonus Poker gave rise to a payout of $4,000 in a little over 24 hours. She made several large and many smaller wins during this time by spacing out her gameplay and betting consistently. Eileen’s strategy is to play in intervals. The wins pan out over a 24 hour period, but her on and off gaming pattern shows that she never prolonged her visits throughout the day and played in short spurts.

Despite the ebb and flow of her wins, this whole period of gameplay was funded by just one deposit made the day before of $200 (at 2.38pm on Day 1).

During this 24 period of on-off playing her funds were $0.30 at their lowest, but recovered without need of a deposit, and at their height reached $6,440.30.

Eileen bets at a smaller amount over a longer period in order to guarantee a strong cash increase. Despite interrupted game play she kept her betting amount set at $10 per hand regardless of her wins and losses. Her cash balance rose and fell throughout game play but ultimately saw a very positive increase over the span of the period thanks to her tried and tested tactics.

Top 3 Wins
Day 1: 6.38pm 4 Aces $1,600
Day 2: 1.33pm 4 Aces $1,600
Day 2: 9.16pm 4 Aces $1,600

A look at her other high wins

DAY 1, 5.11PM

DealAs, 7c, 8c, 6c, 5c

Straight Flush

With a lucky draw, she kept the four that might either lead to a Straight, a Flush, or a Straight Flush, and was awarded with the Straight Flush worth $500.

DAY 1, 5.41PM

Deal: Qs, 10s, Ad, 9s, Js


She again kept the four that might either lead to a Straight, a Flush, or a Straight Flush, and was awarded with the Straight Flush worth $500.

DAY 1, 6.38PM

Deal: Ah, 6c, As, Ac, 4s


Her first $1,600. She was dealt 3 Aces and kept them, rewarded with 4 of a kind and therefore her highest win so far in this timeline and the 3rd best possible hand in the game.

Day 1, 8.11pm

Deal: 7d, 3s, As, 3c, 2d


She held the low pair and won another 4 of a kind, with payout at $800. 4 2s, 2s, or 4s are given a higher payout than 5s through Kings in Double Bonus Poker, so keeping low pairs is crucial.

Day 2, 10.47am

Deal: 3d, 9h, 8s, 6s, 9c


Another nice $500 win, with 4 of a kind of 9s.

While these winnings certainly looked kindly on her cash balance, she also won many times with Full Houses, Straights, and Flushes. The high wins were pivotal to her high payout but the consistent smaller wins were the instrumental factor when it came to keeping her in the game for an extended length of time without having to resort to making another deposit.

Each Full House won her $100, at 10 x original bet.

Each Flush won her $60, at 6 x original bet.

Each Straight won her $40, at 4 x original bet.

Eileen is a fast poker player who chooses her cards within seconds before drawing again, evidence of her skill. Players of Double Bonus Poker know that in the Slotland version of the game there is an extra bonus round, offering the chance to Double Up on wins by choosing between a selection of cards to try beat the dealer’s draw.

Eileen, however, never chose the option to Double Up always opting to collect her winnings. The reason her extended gameplay was possible without further deposits is testament to her steadfast strategy and experience.

It proves that slowly and steadily, persistence will pay off. For Eileen this payoff came in the form of a $4,000 withdrawal, which still left thousands waiting in her cash balance for her next visit to Slotland!