Sandra M is a relative newcomer to Slotland, and since she started playing earlier this year she has had some great successes. Unlike many players who love to chop and change between different games as they play, Sandra only ever visits for one game: Slot 21.

As the name suggests Slot 21 is a slot with a twist, throwing some Vegas sparkle into the reels in the form of two Blackjack inspired bonus games. One of these games in particular was to win Sandra an impressive $2,400 total mere minutes into one playing session.

The Basics of Slot 21’s Bonus Games

The Red & Black bonus game is triggered by the appearance of a Red&Black scatter symbol on the reels. Either the ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ signs next to the reels will stay lit up and the Hi card signs above will start to flash (A diamonds K spade Q hearts J clubs). When they stop flashing one will remain highlighted, and if its color matches the lit up color sign then your wins are doubled. Players can either COLLECT or play again.

The 21 Bonus game is triggered by clicking the SLOT/21 button whenever at least $1 is accumulated in your 21 cash balance (balance is increased by collected Hi cards as you spin). After placing bets, players are dealt their hand and can either click for an additional card or STOP to proceed. Just like in Blackjack, the aim is to reach 21 without going above. The bank also gets a card value. If the player’s hand beats the banks, the wager is doubled.

An avid Slot21 player, Sandra had already collected three of the four HI cards from past gameplay and she had banked an impressive $54 in her Blackjack cash fund. She was in a good position to strike on the 21 Bonus Game, but it was surprisingly not what came into play with her winnings this time!

Risky Tactics?

She started out by depositing $185 to get her started. In Slot 21 there are, appropriately, twenty one potential paylines to bet across. Sandra’s steadfast strategy however is only to bet on the first nine paylines, and never in her gaming history has she increased this to play the game to its fullest potential of paylines. No matter what amount she bets, she sticks to lucky number nine.

This can be a risky tactic. It means that her total bet is less divided so there is more at stake on each payline, however it also means that she is reducing her chances of scoring a winning combination. Her usual betting amount is $27, which allocates a bet of $3 onto each payline. If she does score across any of the first nine paylines it can easily create a big win. This decision proved vital when it came to making a big win.

Spins and Wins

Her first spin yields no win, so she spins again. Upon this second spin three Gold Crowns are placed at the top of the first three reels, winning her 100X her bet on one payline, equalling $300! Not a bad start.

No doubt buoyed up by this cash boost, Sandra keeps playing. Only two spins later the Jester Hat Wild card is planted in the middle of the reels. Substituting for any other symbol on a payline to increase the chances of a win, this Wild matches with several Gold symbols clustered on the left of the reels to give her a 50X win on two different paylines. It banks another $300 win!

But there was something else on the reels: the Red&Black symbol. The exclusive bonus game was triggered.

Bonus Time

The bonus game gives players the chance to double up their winnings from the last round (displayed on the WIN display). Thanks to keeping her bets high on each payline, Sandra’s last winnings were a substantial $300, allowing her the chance to double it to a $600 win with the click of a button. But there was also the risk of losing it all. Sandra likes the risky tactics so of course she jumps at the chance to play the bonus game and clicks CARD.

Success! The Queen of Hearts lights up and matches the highlighted RED = $600!

So, does she opt to collect or spin again?

Success! This time the Ace of Diamonds is lit up = $1,200

Most would walk away with their worthy winnings but not Sandra, who clicks Card one more time.

Success! The Ace of Diamonds lights up a second time in a row = $2,400

She had turned a $185 deposit into a cash balance of $2,934! Only twenty five minutes after depositing she made her $2,091 withdrawal. A happy end to an impressively short, and impressive lucrative, gaming session.

 By keeping her bets at $3 per payline, Sandra ensured that when she struck on the bonus game it was worth the risk because her wins were substantial. 

What next for Sandra? More Slot 21 of course. After all, with nearly $900 left in her cash balance that 21 Bonus game is looking promising …