Check out the biggest wins of September in a single spin. With the click of a button, these players earned their place in the rankings:

Victoria claimed her place at the top on only the second day of the month, and her very substantial Ice Queen win proved too difficult to beat. After only several spins she triggered the lucrative bonus game when Gerda and Kai appeared on the slots. During this game players can cast spells to reveal hidden cash prizes – Victoria uncovered five cash prizes, including one of an astronomical $11,468, which blew her cash balance up to crazy amounts!

As you can see however she was not the highest earner in the Top 10. Lori made four wins of $4,000 on two separate dates this month through the exclusive Double Up feature playing Double Bonus Poker, only betting $25 at the time.

Lucky Lynn certainly found her favorite, with Gods of Egypt’s wins placing her twice in the rankings, even though her spins were a week apart.

Although they were the biggest winners, look further down the list if you want to determine the most profitable game. Ninja Power gave both Robin and Agnes (ranking 8 and 10 respectively) substantial amounts when they were each betting only $8 per spin. This gave Robin a 425X return on her original bet, and Agnes a 336X return. Considering that these two players made these wins on completely separate dates it proves Ninja Power’s dominance this month as a worthy slot for wins.

Let’s see what October may bring, and whether Victoria’s spin can be knocked off its podium!

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Among the top ten wins, which game gave the highest return on the original bet?

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How many times did Lori win $4,000 this month on Double Bonus Poker?

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How did Victoria win $13,292 in one spin playing Ice Queen?

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September's Top Spins
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