The Gypsy Charm slot game is one of Slotland’s newest additions, released earlier this year as one of several top pick slots that have been introduced from sister site, Win A Day. Its distinguishing characters and bold gypsy theme provide equally bright opportunities to score wins with a host of distinct bonus features.

Its arrival has turned the heads of many long time Slotland players looking for fresh ways to make their wins. Denise S, for example, has been spinning with Slotland for over five years, and has made some impressive wins over this time. In recent months her top wins have all been on Gypsy Charm. Not long after the game’s release, her accumulative winnings amounted to over $16,000 in the space of one twenty four hour period!

Starting only a few days after the game’s release, her cash balance has repeatedly benefited from the high wins she has made on Gypsy Charm. Striking on the lucrative bonus features certainly helped boost her funds, but many of her high wins were also made during standard game play with no bonus in effect.

Her rising cash balance resulted from a combination of a large sum from bonus features, several valuable strikes across profitable paylines, and an accumulation of successful smaller spins that edged up the number.

Free Spin Wins

On her first day of playing, she started just after 7pm and set her bets to $6.25 per spin. After only a few minutes she started feeling lucky and doubled her betting amount to $12.50, a confident step which proved very worthwhile. It was not long after this that she hit on the Free Spins feature, and with any winning taken from the original betting amount, increasing her bet doubled her wins.

Gypsy Charm Free Spins Explained: If the Prophetess symbol appears on reel 2, and the Crystal Ball symbol simultaneously appears on reel 4, 5 Free Spins are activated. These spins are made all the more valuable by the moving wild reel: during the bonus rounds an entire reel changes into a moving Wild to help score across the 25 paylines.

This first round of free spins boosted Denise’s cash balance by $111.50, but this was just the beginning….

She then went on to score several nice wins not long after this initial spike in winnings:

  • $225 @ 7.28pm
  • $225 @ 7.32pm
  • $168 @ 7.33pm

At this point her sustained wins gave her the boldness and cash balance required to raise her bets to $25 per spin (Coin Value 1.00 on 25 active lines). This move was precarious though, and without quick wins her cash balance started to deplete. She stuck to her guns though and just when her cash balance started to dwindle slightly she was handsomely rewarded: the Tarot Card symbol appeared on reel 2, the Fortune Teller symbol appeared on reel 4. The Pick Bonus game began.

Pick Me Bonus Wins

Pick Me Bonus Explained: During Gypsy Charm’s Pick Me Bonus game, the reels are replaced with a 16 tarot card selection with hides either a Win Multiplier or a Coin denoting a cash amount. Players uncover cards one by one – when it is a Win Multiplier they can choose again, until they overturn a Coin. Overturning a Coin ends the game, and the cash amount denoted is multiplied by the Win Multipliers accrued and added to the player’s real cash balance!

In this first Tarot Card bonus, Denise made some very lucky picks. Her first 4 cards were all Win Multipliers and she then overturned a Coin denoting a cash amount of $650. This bonus game therefore added the substantial total of $3,250 to her, now very high, cash balance!

Less than fifteen minutes later, another spin triggered a Tarot Cards bonus, and her picks overturned 1 multiplier and then a Coin denoting a cash value of $1,000 – giving her an instant $2,000 win. This brought her cash balance almost up to $6,000.

Throughout the remaining gameplay that followed, she kept her betting amount at a resolute $25. Over the next twenty four hours eighteen of her wins were $400 or above. After a slew of bonus features, many high spins, and no doubt a big grin, she logged off for the day.

Denise’s luck just goes to show that players can come to a game fresh and start winning from the offset. She was quick to activate both the Free Spins and Pick Me Bonus and raised her bets as soon as she could to improve her cash balance exponentially. 

There’s no such thing as a gaming rut when you look for something new.