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Another month, another fresh list of lucky winners in October:

While no players came close to last month‘s astonishing number one win, the top ten winning amounts this month were higher on the whole.

Lynn Y seized first and fifth place, and is the only player to have transferred her luck from one month to other (as she came in 7th on last month’s leaderboard). She bagged the number one spot on 27th October, when five ‘Anubis’ Scatter symbols appeared on the Gods of Egypt reels and sparked the bonus game. The game takes the player through three screens, each containing cash prizes to be picked: Lynn uncovered first a value of $1,075, $1,594, then $2935, amassing the grand total of $5,604.

Although she does not reach first place, player Jodi C deserves a mention – featuring five times and making up half the table! These spins alone surpassed an incredible $20,000 in wins. She tied with herself in 9th and 10th place, coincidentally with the same result on two very similar named games: $3,200  on Grand Fortune and Grand Liberty. Her highest was in Leprechaun Luck, scoring across eleven pay lines at once, giving her a return of over 41x her original bet.

Grand Liberty was a newcomer to the table, but proved why it ranks as one of Slotland’s most popular games, giving two lucky players high wins. Ninja Power, Ice Queen, and Gods of Egypt are all games that have featured in the top winners table for two months consecutively. Ninja Power may only have featured once but it remains the best choice for return on original bet, gifting over $5,000 on a bet of only $8.

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How is Gods of Egypt's cash prize bonus game activated?

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This won Lynn Y over $5,600 😉

October Big Winners
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