Lucky Ducts streaks to the top for its debut in the monthly rankings, putting John H into 1st and 2nd place – the first time a single player has taken the top two spots! His number one win was a substantial achievement, considering he was not betting anywhere close to maximum and returned his bet of $28 over 200x!

You may notice a similarity this month to some September bets, as Mark H’s wins replicate Lori B’s high scores on Double Bonus Poker exactly. It seems betting at $25 and winning $4,000 has become a lucky recurrence! Mark scored 4 Aces and doubled his win in the bonus round on November 18th.

Jodi C is becoming a regular on the rankings, featuring 5x this month and 3x last month. Her Leprechaun Luck in particular marks highly, returning her bet over 450x.

These high spins have had some happy effects on players’ withdrawals also. John pocketed over $11,000 over the month, Mark’s payouts totaled over $5,000, and both Robin & Scott secured upwards of $2,000!


How many times before has a player taken the top 2 spots?