Victoria has long been a keen Slotland player and her slot skills have propelled her through the VIP Levels all the way to Gold status. During the summer of 2017 her slot spinning culminated in a truly astonishing winning streak, with payouts over June and July totaling an incredible $31,758 and in September she earned top place on the month’s list of highest wins in a single spin.

Visits: 11
Favorite games: Grand Fortune, Super Sevens, Air Mail, Ice Queen
Highest win: $3,348 on 23rd June, playing Ice Queen, betting $84
Highest winning game: Air Mail 
Highest payout: $6,100 on 29th June

Visits: 9
Favorite games: Ice Queen, Treasure Island, Turbo GT, Air Mail
Highest win: $14,072 on 23rd June, playing Ice Queen and betting $84
Highest winning game: Ice Queen 
Highest payout: $5,031 on 27th July

Visits: 14
Favorite games: Ice Queen, Turbo GT, Grand Fortune, Air Mail
Highest win: $2,240 on Grand Fortune, betting $60 on 11th August
Highest winning game: Air Mail 
Highest payout: $5,472 on 1st August

Visits: 12
Favorite games: Ice Queen, Double Bonus Poker, Turbo GT, Deuces and Joker Wild
Highest win: $13,292 on 2nd September, playing Ice Queen and betting $84
Highest winning game: Air Mail
Highest payout: $12,900 on 2nd September

So how did she do it?

Her game play is typically sporadic. Unlike those who stick to one game per visit, or only change occasionally, Victoria dips in and out of different games every time she plays. She also bets high at nearly every spin, so that when she does strike on wins they send her cash balance soaring to very impressive heights.

High bets may be risky endeavors but they made for big payouts in the end. During this time Victoria was betting so high that her wins were huge.

The Big Wins

As you can see, Victoria’s highest wins were spun from popular slot Ice Queen. Both in July and September her incredible wins nearly reached $15,000 each in just one spin! Both were a result of activating the profitable Bonus Game. This is activated when Gerda and Kai both appear on the reels, and players choose one character to helping them reveal real money prizes.

Air Mail managed to trump Ice Queen in two of these months as her highest earning game. Although the wins were not so astronomically high, she made many slightly smaller wins on this slot favourite. In June, for example, she won $1,000 five separate times with no special features activated. Grand Fortune also proved a profitable choice in August, with an Expanding Wild helping her score across 5 paylines and return an impressive $2,240.


Was Victoria lucky or skilled?

Luck may have played a part, but a 4 month winning streak can only truly have been pulled off by a very skilled player. Victoria's experience on the slots shows in several ways: 

- She raises her bets on games with significant bonus features, so that she can profit as much as possible. 

- She knows when to change games, and try her luck elsewhere, instead of changing losses. 
- She's risky. It is all a game, and Victoria is skilled enough to be bold!