Find out how long-time player Jodie K weathered some losses to come through winning, eventually securing $7,500 in payouts!

Jodie K is a player who likes variety, switching from game to game, and luckily in this time frame from deposits to withdrawals. During the first part of playing she had to sustain her cash balance with frequent small deposits and although she made some significant wins in this time it was only through persistence that these deposits paid off. Soon the tables started to turn.

Her five separate withdrawals accrued $7,500 in total while her deposits only matched up to $550, resulting in a nice profit of $6,950.

During this time Jodie changed games a lot. With a starting balance of $293.45, you can track her cash fluctuations in the following graph as she changed game:

Other things to note about this gaming period:

  • Jodie spent the most time playing Leprechaun Luck and Alice in Wonderland . They were also the most lucrative for her.
  • She played Leprechaun Luck for 16 minutes and Alice in Wonderland for 26 minutes.
  • The average amount of time she spent on each game was 7 minutes.

While in this first half her cash balance almost reached $3,000, it was not enough to sustain continuous gameplay and she had to make two further deposits after her first. Whenever her cash balance lowered to less than $10, she switched to Slotris where her bets were only $1 per spin – a lot less than on Leprechaun Luck for example, where she was betting at least $15.50 per spin.

After her second visit to Slotris, however, Jodie’s cash balance had fallen to less than a dollar so she took a break. Luckily, things took a change for the better. She made one deposit of $200 to start off, but was soon able to start making big withdrawals:

Withdrawal 1 = $1,750

Withdrawal 2 =  $3,250

Withdrawal 3 = $2,000

Withdrawal 4 = $500

Her highest withdrawals (the second) was made possible after one of her single highest wins in one spin:  $3,394.50 won on Leprechaun Luck. She was only betting $15.50 per spin at the time and had uncovered a 219X multiplier while playing the game’s ‘Roll the Dice’ bonus.

Leprechaun Luck was her most successful game overall and her favorite to return to, but Slotris was also a profitable choice, winning her $500 on two separate spins.

After all of her to-ing and fro-ing she called it a day: the first half of her gameplay peppered with deposits, the second with wins! It was a rollercoaster of a session that proved her craving for variety was a sure fire money maker.

Jodie turned a depositing streak into a withdrawal streak by never letting her gaming go stale. She trusted her instincts and returned to her favorites and soon those deposits turned into withdrawals, totalling $7,500!