Want to find out how to use bonus features to your advantage? 

Learn how one of our Gold VIP made the right choices, and picked different Phantom of the Opera variants to bring about a $5,000 payout.

The sheer generosity of online casinos is one of the biggest advantages to playing online slots. Casinos in Vegas may offer free hotel accommodation and drinks to valued players but the truth is that it always comes at the expense of most other players. The costs associated with running a physical casino are high, but online casinos are not tied by these restrictions. They have a lot more freedom to redirect funds towards helping all players increase wins. Extra features and regular bonus codes give those who play from home a far greater opportunity to boost their cash balance, extend playing time, and ultimately increase payouts.

How one Gold VIP earned $7,000 from bonus features

Take a look at Adam R’s playing tactics. He is one of our Gold VIPs , and in a recent visit to Slotland on his mobile he built his cash balance from $100 to an impressive $6,746 in just over an hour through consecutive wins.

  • He started playing with just over $60 cash balance.
  • Although he made some strong initial wins, it was after a quick deposit of $100 that he started cashing in on the game’s extras.
  • 4 x Free Spin Scatter symbols appeared simultaneously just six spins after his deposit, triggering a Bonus Game.
  • Seven separate Bonus Games were further triggered in only half an hour.
  • His cash balance in 30 minutes rose to $7,000, exclusively through mobile gameplay on Phantom of the Opera. 

Which were his most successful bonus picks?

Phantom of the Opera’s Bonus Game gives players greater control of their gaming outcome, by letting them pick between bonus variants (see image below for the different options). It can be tough in the moment, though, to tell which will prove the best option. Adam picked a range of Bonus variants, so what can we deduce from his choices and their outcomes?

He chose 30 Free Spins & up to 3X Multiplier (column 1) only once.

  • It multiplied his wins by the smallest amount.
  • BUT he unlocked a further 3 more rounds with extra Free Spin symbols.
  • This one pick equated to $1,294.50 in wins.

15 Free Spins & Up to 7x Multiplier was Adam’s favorite choice (column 3), picked three times:

  • 1st pick winning $235.68
  • 2nd pick winning $191.70
  • 3rd pick winning $539.50, having increased his bet to 1500 coins.

He picked column 4, 10 Free Spins & up to 15x Multiplier, twice:

  • 1st pick winning $128.80.
  • 2nd pick winning $913.50
  • In each of these rounds he also scored on EXTRA Scatter symbols, which increased the amount of free spins he was granted.

He unlocked the exclusive 5th column just once, of 5 Free Spins & up to 30x Multiplier:

  • He won $4,095 from this one pick.
  • This win exceeded any others in this lucky streak.
  • It became one of the highest single amounts Adam has won in the past year!
  • It pushed his cash balance over $6,000.

SO, we can conclude that Adam was luckier in the rounds where he chose less Free Spins but a higher win multiplier BUT this was largely because he also increased his betting amount during these spins. The extra free spins he won during bonus rounds proves that scatters are far more frequent during the bonus game, creating wins on top of wins!

Within this short duration he increased his cash balance to the point that he could comfortably secure a payout of $5,000 while also leaving more than enough left over for some future spinning.

What have we learned? 

Adam showed the value of increasing your betting amount as wins increase to make the most of bonus extras. 

He was also wise to vary his choices, because although he picked the same variant three times, his other more risky picks actually gave him the most wins. 

Strong players are wise to keep in mind the different bonus features in every game, and how they can play to a winning advantage!